Quaterna Réquiem - O Arquiteto. 2012 Brazil

O Arquiteto is Quaterna Réquiem's first new studio album in 18 years. And really, as far as I'm concerned, it's the first new album by the band since 1990. Quaterna Réquiem has successfully reunited Wiermann and Vogel, along with long time drummer Cláudio Dantas and two new members on guitar and bass, to continue on the legacy they began on Velha Gravura. Unlike the Sithonia reunion that we just wrote about, Quaterna Réquiem eschewed the temptation to go retro with all analog instrumentation. Rather they decided to continue on exactly as if it were 1991 and it was time for a followup album. Still, the production standards are definitely 2012 and the keyboard tones are fatter and better recorded than the 1990 album - so fear not as they wisely upgraded in the production department. The highlight, of course, is the compositional quality which is richly layered and deeply thought out. Violin, piano, synthesizers and guitar all take their turn at leading the instrumental parade. It's a long instrumental album, as 22 years of ideas come pouring out, that requires close listening to fully appreciate. Quaterna Réquiem were at the forefront of the 1990 progressive movement, one that never really had much chance to spread its wings as the commercial neo-prog bands were dominating the contemporary audience at that time. If you long for the progressive rock sound of the 1990 era such as Solaris' 1990, Nuova Era's Dopo L'Infinito, Minimum Vital's Sarabandes, and Tribute's Terra Incognita, then Quaterna Réquiem's O Arquiteto will fill that void. It brought a rush of memories back for me. Highly recommended.

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